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From the Highway to High Fashion – Rampage on the Catwalk April 19, 2010

Charity Fundraiser

The Malabar Rampage is now well into its third week, with the international teams having covered over 1100 kilometres across the Southern Indian Dravidian States. This latest route in the legendary Rickshaw Challenge Series has so far taken them up and down mountains, through dense jungles, across spectacular countryside, by ancient landmarks ,and in and out of a half dozen microclimates including roasting heat and torrential monsoon downpours. Having started in Chennai this band of adventurers gathered from across the world are now rounding the very southern tip of the continent, and about to start facing all new challenges as part of this unique rally.

The second half of the twenty day long rally is set to be absolutely action-packed, giving not only the teams but the attending world media a chance to see entirely unknown parts of India, and showing already familiar areas in a completely new light. Every possible activity to showcase this beautiful and underexposed part of India has been crammed into this monster of a rally somewhere along the line. As much fun as it all is, both the participating teams and the organisers of the Malabar Rampage appreciate that it is not enough just to experience and show-off this fantastic and unspoilt corner of the world, but that it is also important to give back to the local communities. The Malabar Rampage will represent not only the 5th year of the Rickshaw Challenge series, but also the collection and distribution of more than €50,000 of charitable aid for underprivileged local schools.

The huge wave of publicity that the Malabar Rampage has generated has not been lost upon Aravind Bremanandam and CEMS (creator and organisers of the Rickshaw Challenge series) nor other local celebrities and notables. Thanks to the world media that has been following the rally since Chennai the participants are already gaining something of a celebrity status as they buzz through the towns and villages, being greeted with cheers and applause as passers-by wave newspaper articles featuring their exploits. CEMS has joined forces with top fashion choreographer Karun Raman to harness this huge swell of popularity and attention to make a difference for much needed local charity work by way of a unique fashion extravaganza.

The thrill-seeking road warriors of the Malabar Rampage are going to be models in a spectacular fashion show hosted and produced by CEMS and choreographed by Karun Raman himself. Neither team of professionals are going to taking even a penny of the proceeds, instead making sure very single last rupee goes to the Love Care Centre in Kancheepuram, a foundation dedicated to helping the poor and destitute escape poverty. The event will be happening on Wednesday 21st , 8.00pm at the Savera hotel in downtown Chennai, with tickets going at only 700 rupees on the door – all of which will go to the very worth work of the Love Care Centre. The participants of the Malabar Rampage have come from every corner of the earth and every walk of life and together crossed an entire continent, but are going to be taking a step further when the stroll down the catwalk for charity.

The Rampage teams will not be alone out on the catwalk, nor will they be the only celebrity! Popular TV personality and presenter Paloma Rao will be acting as Master of Ceremonies, with the able assistance and comedy styling of Cary Edwards! Making sure that the teams look their best and don’t trail a thousand kilometres worth of road dust behind them will be Vikram Mohan and rest of the hair & make-up experts from Bounce Style Lounge. The tuk-tuk heroes will be modelling the exquisite collections of local designer Julie Vergis, Nalli Next , Lagan and with music being presided over by superstar deejay Vijay Chawla it’s going to be a night to remember.   All these big names coming together and giving their time completely for free to create this fashioned themed fundraising event highlights the dynamism and spirit of Chennai, and the powerful, infectious enthusiasm of the Malabar Rampage.

Be sure to follow the Malabar Rampage and its continued exploits to find out which of the budding local designers will have their work featured at this one of a kind show that is sure to put their work into the international spotlight, as well as generate valuable aid for the Love Care Centre

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