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About CEMS March 29, 2009

Our business is making sure you don’t miss out…

Moreso than ever before, the ongoing discussion of what is really important in our lives is becoming louder. We’re inundated with books about the adventures you should experience before you die, travel guides that advertise simple ways to escape, and everybody’s personal “how to” guide to personal changes that will make you happier. But those books won’t change your life or bring you success or necessarily make you happier. You must go. You must do. You must experience.

At Chennai Event Management Services (CEMS), it is our business to make sure you don’t miss out. We are experts of adventure and it’s catching on! As “adventure tourism” makes its way onto the scene of our lives, CEMS is there to act as a resource for those looking for a place to go, an adventure to experience, and a new story to tell. We believe that “getting away” should not just be going somewhere else to do the same thing you’d do at home. A “get away” with CEMS is anything but typical, a true adventure in every sense of the word.

Where we go and what we do

CEMS is dedicated to pioneering exciting events. With offices in Chennai, India and Budapest, Hungary, we have the flexibility to create, organize, and manage adventures almost anywhere in the world. We have staff from three continents, who speak several languages, and have connections all over the globe to help us provide you with an unforgettable, unparalleled adventure.

We started in 2006, when the idea of the Classic Run became a reality, as 15 intrepid teams from around the world traveled from Chennai to Kanniyakumari, India in an autorickshaw, South Asia’s most renowned mode of transportation. It was the first event of its kind in the world and since then, we have created three other major events in India, all part of the Rickshaw Challenge franchise. After the completion of the Classic Run in 2006, we responded to the popular demand of a longer route with the Mumbai Xpress, which dared participants to make it from Chennai to Mumbai through a 13-stage course complete with daily challenges beyond the normal scope of Indian expectations (driving a basic machine on a potholed, one-lane road with a cow sitting in the middle of it during monsoon season, for example). The Rickshaw Challenge also includes the Tech Raid and Malabar Rampage events. The Tech Raid, which starts in Chennai and ends in Hyderabad, is designed to combine both technological and cultural exploration. It is an incredible showcase of India’s ability to let old and new coexist. The Malabar Rampage, which starts and ends in Chennai, provides an amazing, intense look into the culture, customs, and character of South India.

From Budapest, we have created the Caucasian Challenge, the White Russian Run, and Bus Number 7. In the same spirit of exploration, each of these events passes through countries off the beaten track and into places that are well-known, but not well-explored by tourists (Chernobyl, for example). The mystery of Eastern Europe consists of the delicate balance between possessing the same level of prestige as the Western world and the same level of exoticness and unique culture as the Eastern world.

Though our events occur annually, CEMS is always working to map new routes, create unique challenges, and expand the horizons of international adventurers.

At the end of our day, what we do and where we go is up to you. Join us for one of our many incredible adventures or create your own. After all, everyone says you should. Go. Do. Experience. Take us with you.


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