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Team Interviews : Tim ( Team 001 – Sporting a Beer Gut ) April 12, 2010

Team Sporting a Beer Gut

Team Sporting a Beer Gut

Team 001 ‘Sporting a Beer Gut’ team member Tim agrees with Romy’s opinion of the friendliness and the helpfulness of the  local population, who don’t think they’re really seen many that weren’t waving and cheering at the time.  On at least one memorable occasion on a highway a car has pulled up alongside us into the oncoming lane, so the occupants could wave at us and shout encouragement. This is great fun, but a little bit scary how the drivers never seem all that fussed about the oncoming heavy vehicles!

Their tuk-tuk has been performing brilliantly, with only one exception on Thursday when the rear-left wheel bearing shook loose. The team played it cool and pulled over to the side of the road and enjoyed a rest and the lush view. Within minutes the Rickshaw Challenge Support Vehicle had caught them up, fixed the problem, and saw them back on their way again. Seeing India in this magnificent style is the experience of a lifetime, but it’s a enormous weight of the teams minds to know that there will always be support in the event of any breakdowns or problems.
Team 001’s top traveling tips – install yourself a CD player or music player in your Tuk-tuk. There’s nothing better to keep you focused, lighten the mood, or just chill out to at a scenic rest stop. Oh, and everyone back in the Western World – appreciate your traffic laws!

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