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Team Interviews : Romy ( Team 004 – Team SA [36] ) April 12, 2010

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Planning Rickshaw Route

Rickshaw Romy

Team 004 – Team SA [36], crewed by Romy from Durban and Sarah from Johannesburg have had the dubious honour of being the only team to yet get themselves in a traffic accident. Talking to us from the beach In Marari, Romy detailed the situation, saying that it can all get just a bit overloading at the busy Indian crossings. Trying to keep your eye on the blindspots, mirrors, and the intricate dance of traffic priorities meant that once motorcyclist managed to slip their attention when he tried to overtake them. A big scrape later and Romy saw much to her surprise the rider wobbling in her rear-view mirror and then fall over – fortunately at pretty low speeds. It was just bad luck the rider turned out to be about 80 years old and whilst completely unhurt was a bit shaken up by the surprise. A crowd of locals gathered around the scene pretty soon, which initially made Team 004 nervous -would they soon be dealing with an angry mob? Not at all – quite the opposite in fact – as the locals instead made sure the downed gentleman was ok, made sure he got onto an ambulance, and recorded all the details in case any insurance was needed later.  Minutes later everyone was on their way again, intact and all the more savvy to the mysteries of Indian traffic!

According to Team SA [36], every single day on the Malabar Rampage is completely different, wonderful in ways that you couldn’t possibly foresee. The days are never less that completely thrilling, with the challenge of both the mental and physical exertion requiring your complete commitment, and rewarding it every mile of the way.
As the only all-girl team on the rally, they were initially a little concerned about how the cultural difference might affect how they were received in the towns and villages. Sure enough, they got a lot of stares and looks, but soon realised this was in no way unfriendly – the passing people were just flat out amazed to see a pair of foreign women driving a flamboyant tuk-tuk.  The stares were soon added to by cheering and applause and Team SA [36] has never felt anything but welcome. When they had some minor mechanical problems early on, which turned out to be an overheat, they had to insist that the mechanic who tuned up took any money at all for his troubles.
Romy has some good tips for all those adventurers who want to follow in the route that this rally has blazed. Bring a cushion: the roads are bumpy, the suspension minimal, and the seats on the firm side. Install a water bottle holder: hydration is all important in this heat, even when it seems to be pouring down with rain. Get a cooler: even just a Styrofoam box to keep a bottle a few degrees cooler will feel like a gift from heaven when you’re cooking up in a heat wave.

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