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Day 8: Thrissur to Cochin, April – 09, 2010 April 12, 2010

Elephant Rickshaw

Elephant Rickshaw

Today is only 85km, which by now all the participants feel is the equivalent to a day off – anything less than a hundred kilometres in their rickshaws is nothing to them!  There was a last minute change of plan with accommodation last night when the originally scheduled hotel in Thrissur tuned out to lack Twin beds. The whole rally had more or less made it in by 4.30pm and was having a drink in the suspiciously overpriced bar in the Alternate hotel ‘ Luciya Palace’ when one of the organizers made a discovery – there was a second bar in the hotel all along, 35% cheaper, which had been deliberately hidden from our thirsty teams! Combined with some suspect bathroom fittings and bedroom doors that didn’t really lock.
There was some excitement yesterday as rumours and half-formed communications flew around that team #036 had actually knocked someone over! After a short period of fairly frantic communication and checking, it became clear that the whole situation was not serious, and after drawing curious crowd of locals the issue was resolved quickly and with no fuss.
This morning was indeed an easy cruise for everyone, with Cherai Beach along the route tipped by our travel sponsor Marvel Tours as being precisely the kind of hidden gem the Malabar Rampage is all about. With such a comparatively short route laid out ahead of them the teams went about the route entirely their own way, taking detours, seeing the sights. The Hungarian contingent really threw themselves into the regional activities and took the local ferries all over town.
Satellite Zero Ferry

Auto Rickshaw In the ferry

The tuk-tuks are all, if anything, running far too smoothly – even team #007 ‘Travel Scientists’ beleaguered but beloved Lucy. The Malabar Rampage has with it a resident mechanic, who unfortunately signed-up to be paid by the job rather than the day, and is by now very bored indeed!

The Hi-Fi Apartments were exactly what the participants needed. Aside from the creature comforts, the individual apartments provided some needed privacy and rest for a few hours before the party thrown in our honour by Round Table India and Marvel Tours.

One Response to “Day 8: Thrissur to Cochin, April – 09, 2010”

  1. Thrissur really seems to be cultural capital of Kerala with so many festivals and events happening throughout the year. It’s fun to watch elephants at Punnathoorkotta…

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