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Five Years On, The Rickshaw Challenge Celebrates Milestones in Adventure and Humanitarian Aid April 1, 2010

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Malabar Rampage Route Map

The 14 stage Malabar Rampage

This April 4th will see The Malabar Rampage – 2010 roar into life as an entirely new route in the infamous Rickshaw Challenge series.  The Malabar Rampage stretches an epic 2000 kilometres (roughly 1200 miles) through the majesty and the mystery of southern India’s Dravidian states. It will signal not only a milestone in adventure tourism, but also the 5th year of the Rickshaw Challenge Series.

Teams of adventurers from around the world have come from as far  afield as the UK, Egypt, Austria, South Africa, Hungary, Singapore, America and India itself. Each team, using only the noble and ubiquitous autorickshaw or ‘tuk’tuk’, will engage in some of the most exciting, memorable, and plain outrageous exploits the rallying world has ever seen, all against the backdrop of the most stunning scenery on earth. The Malabar Rampage is not an event for the speed freak or petrol-head, but instead attracts participants with the desire to explore, experience, and become immersed in the culture and landscape of southern India like never before.  This adventure is going right off the standard tourist trail, and nearly off the map altogether, as it brings to light the hidden jewels of culture and countryside secreted throughout the Dravidian states.

In a stage passing through Yercaud participants will visit and stay in a coffee plantation, fed by spring water, where they will spend the night under the stars. Later in Mararikulam the teams will explore idyllic coastal villages, ride the iconic Marvel Cruises’ houseboats, and dive in the sea. In Tuticorin there will be the chance to see local fishing industry at work, as well as experiencing botanical farms, and even to see the countryside from horseback rather than rickshaw.

The nineteen day , 14 stage long rally is set to be absolutely action-packed, giving not only the teams but the attending world media a chance to see entirely unknown parts of India, and showing already familiar areas in a completely new light. Every possible activity to showcase this beautiful and underexposed part of India has been crammed into this monster of a rally somewhere along the line.

Malabar Rampage Rickshaw Race

Malabar Rampage Logo

Both the participating teams and the organisers of the Malabar Rampage appreciate that it’s not enough just to experience and show-off this fantastic and unspoilt corner of the world, but that it is also important to give back to the local communities. The Malabar Rampage will represent not only the 5th year of the Rickshaw Challenge series, but also the collection and distribution of more than €50,000 of charitable aid for underprivileged local schools in association with Round table India.

The Malabar Rampage is all set to make history in the alternative and extreme tourism world, redefining what is possible for the amateur adventurer to achieve and experience. Followed by the international media in print, broadcast and online formats the event promises to provide worldwide exposure not only for the participants escapades but the invaluable sponsors who have helped make the rally a reality.

About CEMS:
Chennai Event Management Services (CEMS) is an award-winning international event planning and production company. We specialize in staging high-profile functions around the world, including events in Euope, Asia, and Africa such as the Malabar Rampage, Tech Raid and others. With offices in several countries in key locations across the globe, we are in a strategic position to create spectacular events with full multi-media support and first-class promotion.


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  1. Sounds good. We’ve got a stretch of country to see, a rickshaw painted and ready to roll and plenty other things to put together on the road to a nice padded cell. See ya there!

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