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One Hundred (100!) Litres Of Free Gas ! March 10, 2010

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Get hundred (100!) litres of free gas!The Malabar Rampage is just about to get underway, and there are still a couple of precious team slots open for the rally that will go down in adventuring history. These final few positions have come around due to teams unfortunately not being able to make it, and the organisers are sending out a last minute worldwide alert for those rare, hardy souls who want to drop whatever they’re doing and take off on the experience of a lifetime with One hundred (100!) litres of free gas!

One hundred (100!) litres of free gas

Rickshaw Challenge Route Elephant sighting

Malabar Elephant

The Malabar Rampage organisers had considered just picking up the adventuring world by the ankles and shaking it until a few crazy individuals shook loose and could be swept up into the world of the Rickshaw Challenge series. However, they know the old phrase, you catch more flies with honey. Of course, they don’t want flies; they want crazy adventurers – so naturally, rather than honey, they’re using lots and lots of gasoline.  Any last minute explorers who join up between right now and that green flag unleashing the rally will get One hundred (100!) litres of free gas for the rally from the organisers. Considering the fuel efficiency of the noble tricicular tuk-tuk, that is an awful lot of miles of unparalleled adventure right through the majesty and the mystery of the Dravidian states. About 2,140 miles, to be exact.

Rickshaw Challenge Charity, teams Visit Schools

Rickshaw Challenge Team

The requirements for joining the Malabar Rampage, even now at the last minute, are few – at least in terms of preparation or cost. However, teams will have to mentally prepare themselves on short notice for some of the most mind blowing antics that have ever been seen on a highway anywhere in the world. In a convoy of outrageously tricked-out autorickshaws, the participants will experience cities, jungles, temples, coastlines and cultures in a way inconceivable to the average (sane) tourist. This is a world premiere – the first time the notorious Rickshaw Challenge series has explored Southern India’s Dravidian states, and the madcap challenges, the cultural exploration, and the humanitarian mission at the heart of the rally are all bound to pass into international adventurer lore. This is the last chance for prospective teams to seize their chance, to banish any last minute butterflies, and become part of something amazing in a rally like no other that will also help the underprivileged schools of rural India. To date, the Rickshaw Challenge series has raised just shy of $50,000 for this extremely worthwhile cause, and anyone in this year’s Malabar Rampage will be part of breaking and exceeding this milestone figure.

Log on to the Rickshaw Challenge website to get the full details and the last minute procedures and requirements to join up with the Malabar Rampage. To help you get registered and get ready (and pick up all your free gas) for the Rampage the staff there will be happy to inform and help you in any way they can. Do not walk but instead run to the sign-up section of the Malabar Rampage – it’s last call


The Malabar Rampage Gearing Up For The Start – And Puts The Race Into Racy March 5, 2010

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Malabar Rampage Rickshaw Race

Malabar Rampage Logo

Chennai, India. 6th, March 2010 – The inaugural Malabar Rampage is a little over a month away from starting, and looks set to exceed even the notorious Rickshaw Challenge series in terms of sheer vehicular craziness.  The Osmond’s 1972 hit Crazy Horses could well have been about the seven horsepower that the noble three wheeled auto-rickshaws produce: modest enough, but the power behind the most exciting, memorable, and plain outrageous exploits the rallying world has ever seen across thousands of miles of  stunning Indian countryside.

The Malabar Rampage is the latest route in the Rickshaw Challenge series, stretching a gruelling 2000 kilometres (roughly 1200 miles) through the majesty and the mystery of southern India’s Dravidian states. Now in its 5th year, the Rickshaw Challenge series has become synonymous with the spirit of adventure and its completely novel take on how to ‘win’ and become ‘The King of the Rickshawallas’.

The Malabar Rampage is not an event for unthinking petrolheads or speed freaks – the fun loving, madcap ethos behind the Rampage has attracted teams of adventurers from around the world. Discouraging speed or point-to-point racing, the Malabar Rampage will have a point system based on completing weird and wonderful challenges, feats of daring and imagination, and helping underprivileged schools and villages along the way.

‘Is the world ready for amphibious rickshaw?’ is a good question. ‘Does the world have any use for amphibious rickshaw?’ might be ever better

Malabar Rampage Route Map

Malabar Rampage Route Map

To make sure the inaugural Malabar Rampage kicks off in true style, and likely goes down in history, the competitors this summer will face a challenge never before attempted : to build the world’s first amphibious rickshaw and pilot it across a river. ‘Is the world ready for amphibious rickshaw?’ is a good question. ‘Does the world have any use for amphibious rickshaw?’ might be ever better – but what is for sure is that the imagination and the guile of the Rampage teams will produce vehicles the likes of which have never been seen.

Rickshaw With Elephant

A day in The Rickshaw Challenge

Some of the tests facing the teams will be old favourites from prior Rickshaw Challenges – such as testing the skills of the drivers at reversing vehicles that are barely made to go forward in the first place, drag racing against sacred cows, and decorating their rickshaws in the most outrageously pimp fashion possible. Ever seen a giant mouse with a two-stroke engine weave between potholes through the most stunning countryside known to man? The participants of the Rickshaw Challenge have, and when the Malabar rampage kicks off on April 2nd we will doubtless see a whole new level of crazy. Places are open for teams to register to participate, and as the Rickshaw Challenge series has already contributed more that €50,000 directly to deprived local schools there are still chances to become part of this astounding adventure with a humanitarian conscience.