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Africa bound: CEMS is going to the Sahara September 26, 2009

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Chennai Event Management Services offers some exciting expeditions. From the bright colors and bold flavors of South India to the scenic backdrops and mysterious landscapes of Eastern Europe, adventure tourists from around the world are given the opportunity to explore these continents like few ever have. Now, for the first time, CEMS is proud to bring you a new opportunity on a new continent, the Trans Sahara Rally.


Africa has long been the location of fascination for many people worldwide. The continent possesses a depth, history, and innate nature that most modern civilizations have lost, or never had. It is among the last remaining areas of Earth where the wild and untamed are authentic, uncontrolled, and free. There are innumerable opportunities for exploration in Africa, and between Tunis, Tunisia and Grand Popo, Benin, those opportunities can be yours to take advantage of.

The nature of the Trans Sahara Rally is different from most CEMS events. It is termed as a “minimal assistance for maximum effect” event, wherein we will provide the all necessary preparation information and advice throughout the event, but otherwise, you’re on your own to explore. This is not a tour and there are no strict rules. You choose what you drive. You choose your speed. You choose what supplies to bring. This is an adventure of your own making and we guarantee it will be unforgettable.

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For 18 days between March 14th and March 31st, your journey through northern Africa will expose you to landscapes unlike any you’ll find elsewhere on Earth. You will meet people who will make impressions on you like few ever have. You will find yourself accomplishing challenges you never dreamed you’d encounter, and never imagined you’d survive. The Trans Sahara Rally is not for the faint of heart. It is an adventure in the truest sense of the word, an escape that will take your spirit and soul to a place no tropical island, no romantic castle, or no cup of tea will ever be able to take you. It is the ultimate holiday.

If the Trans Sahara Rally is something you are interested in, take advantage of our early bird registration by signing up before October 30th to receive up to 20% off your registration fee. Registration must be completed and paid in full to receive the discount and will be open until February 28th, but now is the time to sign up! Come experience the wild and untamed. Come discover the meaning of adventure. Come enjoy the most memorable journey of your life. Africa awaits…

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