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Trans Sahara Rally. Man, that’s awesome. July 29, 2009

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Trans Sahara Rally logoI think we’re going to take over the world. Join us.

We will always bring you to India with the Rickshaw Challenge and its events (and some new routes coming soon… stay tuned). We’ll take you through eerie, exotic Eastern Europe. We’ll even take you to on a journey to Chernobyl. But in March 2010, we’re going to take you through Africa to experience the wild and untamed! Oh yes, the Trans Sahara Rally is going to be awesome!

The Budapest team has been hard at work preparing this unprecedented event. Unlike most CEMS events, the Trans Sahara Rally is a “minimal assistance for maximum effect” kind of event. This is pure adventure. This is definitely off the beaten path. This is something you don’t want to miss.

As I make final preparations for the Mumbai Xpress (some participants have arrived in Chennai already. Welcome!), I find myself daydreaming about traveling across Africa. For me, going to India was one of those things I thought I’d do…someday. And then, someday came and here I am. It’s still very surreal sometimes and my family still thinks I’m nuts for driving rickshaws in this country. But anyway… Africa! How cool is that?! Talk about a get away. A real chance to escape. An opportunity to find yourself in the middle of nowhere (well, Africa, actually) and not feel afraid. And we really mean find yourself. Expand your horizons. Boldly go where no man… okay, you’re right. This isn’t space. It’s Africa. But still! It’s awesome.

So, I think you should check it out. Have a look. Take a peek. Talk to some friends about it. Brew up a plan. Drink down a brew. Trans Sahara Rally awaits you.

– CKot

P.S. Maybe someday, CEMS will go to space, too.


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