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The Winner Takes It All July 21, 2009

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Hi! The reference to the hit ABBA song has little to do with the actual song- because I actually do want to talk, about things we’ll go through, that don’t hurt me, and will soon be history.

I’m talking about the grand prize for the Mumbai Xpress, which I think is totally kick ass. Because the CEMS Mumbai Xpress is…well…the only Mumbai Xpress in the world, the trophy is totally amazing. No one else on Earth, except for other Mumbai Xpress winners, obviously, has this trophy, which automatically puts the winner in among the most elite of human beings. But we don’t expect that you’ll put this trophy on your keychain to show off your eliteness. We promise bragging rights, which is why we give you the means to brag with a fantastic Mumbai Xpress Winner’s jacket. I want to keep it for myself, actually. Not going to lie. So, yeah, trophies and jackets, as cool as they may be, are nice, but if you don’t think that free entrance into the Caucasian Challenge is even nicer, get out of my house.

Caucasian Challenge

The Caucasian Challenge is coming up at the end of August. This is one of the longest routes offered by CEMS at a fantastically adventurous 7,000 kilometers (4,350 miles). Starting in Budapest, Hungary (which is beautiful and I really miss it ’cause I lived there once) and ending in Yerevan, Armenia, this massive drive-anything event takes you through Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia, and Armenia. Eastern Europe as its finest…sorta. It’s exploration at its finest, trekking into areas not beaten down by the tourist stampede, looking out over scenes that have a sort of “Lord of the Rings”-esque beauty to them, tasting cuisines that are amazing (or disgusting, we’re not sure), and witnessing new cultures first hand. In a world of GPS coordinates and mapped trails, the Caucasian Challenge presents an opportunity for adventure unlike any other… and if you win the Mumbai Xpress, you get to go for free.

Losers can go, too. Wait, that didn’t sound very nice. Just because you don’t win the Mumbai Xpress doesn’t make you a loser. It makes you a non-winner. And non-winners can go on the Caucasian Challenge, too! Check out the event’s website for all the fantastic details.

So, play your cards, and I will too, ’cause there is nothing more to say, and I have no ace to play. The Winner Takes It All. -CKot


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